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Technical support

Technical support can be received by email.

Your feedback is important to us because it helps us get the idea of how to make Smart Install Maker a better product for you. A lot of features and significant details in the Smart Install Maker interface were considerably influenced by comments from our users. So if you have a great idea concerning a new feature or know a better way of doing something, please drop us a note.

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Before sending a message to our Support Team, please install the latest build of the Backup42. It is highly possible that your problem has already been fixed. Please close the Backup42 agent and the program before installation.

When sending a support request, please include the following information in it:

-The backup software version;
-Your Windows version, build and the service pack number;
-Please describe as precisely as you can what you were doing before the error occurred;
-Please describe (or send us some screenshots with) the settings of the task on which the error occurred;



Backup42 v3.5 released


Backup42 v3.4 released


Backup42 v3.3 released


Backup42 v3.2 released


Backup42 v3.1 released

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